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Baby Steps is pleased to announce our newest service – Baby Steps Doulas On Call!

Baby Steps Doulas On Call provides on-call birth doula services for anyone who finds themselves in need of a last-minute doula.  Different from a conventional doula, our service provides immediate assistance to moms who find themselves desiring additional support at their birth. If you are interested in a conventional doula, please see our doula listings here

Baby Steps Doulas On Call can help:

    • If you have a last-minute change of birth plans (induction, planned homebirth-turned-hospital birth, etc.)
    • If you have recently relocated to the area
    • If your mom or friend was going to act as additional labor support and turned out to be unavailable, or not the support you were looking for
    • If you aren’t interested in a conventional doula relationship for any reason but still desire continuous labor support
    • If you thought you didn’t want a doula and change your mind in labor


The cost of hiring a Baby Steps on-call doula is $350. This includes up to 12 hours of physical, emotional and informational support in person at your place of birth, during active labor and the immediate postpartum period. Baby Steps Doulas On Call is not a replacement for a conventional doula. See below for a comparison of conventional and on-call doula services, as well as answers to frequently asked questions about our service.

Conventional Doula Doulas On Call
Continuous physical, emotional, and informational support throughout your labor, birth, and immediate postpartum YES YES
Select your own doula YES NO
Prenatal appointment to discuss your desires for birth, prepare a birth plan, demonstrate basic comfort measures, etc YES NO
Phone, email, text support at the end of pregnancy YES NO
In-home labor support YES NO*
Postpartum visit to follow up on the birth and answer any questions YES $25 fee
*except for homebirths

Got more questions?  Check out our Doulas On Call FAQs.

Doulas on Call is a Service Mark owned by Baby Steps Childbirth Education.