Off Topic Tuesday – Knitting

Something both Laura and I enjoy is knitting. We started around the same time and have been knitting for about 18 months. I LOVE to knit. It’s something I always wanted to learn and I’m so glad I did.

One of the first things people ask me – after ‘what are you making?’ – is ‘how did you learn to knit?’ The answer is The videos on here are great! Very easy to understand and follow. They have videos for two methods of knitting, tips & tricks, and even how to fix mistakes. If you are even a little interested in learning to knit, grab some sticks and check out this website!

You can also find us on Ravelry. I’m LilyMama and Laura is SBG.

Some of our favorite resources:


Knitting Pattern Central


You can knit all kinds of things, not just scarves and sweaters. Here’s Melissa’s knitted boob and Laura’s knitted apple:

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