Off-Topic Tuesday: a natural diet for your pet

DSC01864Long before I even imagined having children, I was a pet owner.  For most of my adult life I’ve been drawn to the idea of staying healthy through diet, exercise, and other natural methods.  So before I ever had to research things like nutrition or vaccination for my children, I researched these things for my pets.

The kibble that most people feed their pets only fits a very loose definition of the word “food.”  Pet food contains substandard meat and by-products, low-quality grains, indigestible corn, and all kinds of chemicals.

Cats and dogs can be fed mostly raw meat & uncooked bones, the diet they would have if they were living on their own.  Though animals should never be fed cooked bones, which can splinter, raw bones are flexible and safe for pets to eat.  Chewing on raw bones cleans your pet’s teeth, which will help keep their entire systems free of harmful bacteria.  Cats and dogs are designed to digest raw meat, so their digestion will improve as well.  I have found there’s a huge difference in my pets’ coats and skin being on a raw diet, and the cats don’t aggravate my husband’s allergies nearly as much as kibble-fed cats do.

Here are some helpful resources for feeding a raw diet to your dog or cat:

Natural Nutrition for Dogs & Cats