Is Splenda safe during pregnancy?

This article has information about how Splenda is made, and some of the effects it can have on your body.  Negative effects on health have been associated with other artificial sweeteners as well.  The reason most of us choose to use artificial sweeteners instead of a natural sweetener like honey, maple syrup, or sugar is to avoid excess weight gain.  But studies have found that people who consume artificial sweeteners are actually more likely to be overweight.  These chemicals play tricks on our minds and our bodies, causing us to consume more than we might if we ate actual food.  Removing that benefit, there is no reason to consume these potentially harmful chemicals.

Try natural sweeteners like local honey, unrefined sugar, molasses, and maple syrup.  I especially love maple syrup or organic brown sugar in my coffee.  Stevia is a natural sweetener that goes very well with tea.  Sugar in general should be consumed in moderation, so whatever you use to sweeten, don’t overdo it.  Avoid high fructose corn syrup (better yet, avoid corn syrup in general), and limit the overall amount of sugar you ingest.  If you find that you’re craving sweets, whether pregnant or not, it may be a sign from your body that you need to increase your protein intake.

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