Off-topic: a knitting lesson

Every once in awhile I like to post about something not related to birth or babies.  Recently I created this little knitting lesson for anyone wanting to learn how to knit.  Enjoy!



This simple dishcloth pattern uses knit and purl stitches, and has an optional color change (to skip the stripe in the middle, just continue knitting through with the main color).

First step: cast on 38 stitches
Watch the long-tail cast-on video:

Now, you knit 3 rows for the border (see pattern).  Watch this video to learn the knit stitch:

  • Whether you use English or Continental is up to you.  Most people learn with English knitting, then often switch to Continental later because it’s faster.
  • Make sure the needle is only going through the stitch that is on the needle, and not through any other loops, or you’ll end up with extra stitches.

Now it’s time for the pattern repeat.  The first row is knit, just like the border (see pattern).
The next row you knit 3 for the border, purl to the last three, and knit 3 for the border on the other side.  Watch this video for purling:

The next two rows alternate knitting and purling to create a pattern in the fabric of your knitting.  Follow the pattern, watching the videos as necessary to remind yourself how to do the stitches.  Eventually, this becomes second nature.

Repeat the pattern a total of 14 times (color changing after 6 for 2 repeats, if desired).

Next, knit 4 border rows.

Now, it’s time to bind off.  Start with the basic knit bind off:

When you get down to one stitch on the needle, cut a long tail and pull it through that final loop.

Weave in your ends and cut the yarn:

You’re finished!