Why take a virtual childbirth class?

Recently Baby Steps decided to offer its first virtual childbirth class, beginning in February and using video conferencing technology.  But why would you want to take such a class?  Will you learn as much as you’d learn in a class in a separate, physical location?  What are the advantages and disadvantages of a virtual class compared to a physical class?

Our virtual Intuitive Birth class will follow the same outline as our in-person, group class.  An Intuitive Birth class is around 18 hours (sometimes longer or shorter depending on questions and discussion from students), no matter what the teaching format.  Some activities have been modified to be done at home with your partner, rather than in the class setting.  For example, you’ll do your labor rehearsal together at home, and a discussion will follow to make sure you understand the techniques and ideas in the rehearsal, and to discuss any questions or concerns you may have.  This is the same way it’s done in our private classes, which have been conducted since the inception of Baby Steps, and which have been met with a very favorable response.  You will receive all the same information you’d get in a physical class – the same class outline and topics, the same materials (which will be mailed to you), and the same trained instructors.

This class is not a webinar, where the person giving the talk speaks and everyone else listens with silenced microphones.  We will be using video conferencing technology, allowing students and teachers to interact with each other just as they would in a physical class.

If you live in an area where an Intuitive Birth class is available locally, we recommend you take the physical class if you can.  It’s nice to get to sit with other pregnant women who desire a natural birth, to get to know them in person, and get a sense of community if it’s available to you.  So why might you want to take a virtual class instead of a physical class?  Intuitive Birth classes aren’t available everywhere.  We have started expanding to new parts of Georgia, and we have other states on our radar for the future, but for now locations are limited.  Intuitive Birth classes are comprehensive, created to fit for both hospital and home birthers, and to convey information about birth in a nonjudgmental and helpful way.  If you don’t live in an area convenient to our physical teaching locations, a virtual class is the next best thing.

It may be that you live within a drivable distance from a physical class, but the dates and times offered don’t fit with your schedule.  Or perhaps you or your partner have  a work schedule that takes much of your time, in which case saving the time (and the gas) involved with driving to a class might be worth giving up the group setting.  Often, a mom or her partner travel frequently and getting to a physical class at the same time each week is too much of a challenge.  A virtual class can solve this problem if you have a computer and can connect to the internet.  You can even join us in class from your hotel room on a business trip.

You may be on bed rest for pregnancy complications, yet still want to have knowledge and a sense of control over your decisions relating to birth.  Getting out of the house to come to a class may not be safe, and the virtual class will allow you to get the benefits of a full childbirth class without the risks involved for a mom on bed rest.

The good news is, there are many options available for childbirth education.  Take a look at your options, and decide what class is the best fit for you.  If you decide that Intuitive Birth is what you want to take, we can make it happen, in either a group class, a private class, or a virtual class.