Thoughtful Thursday: The Midwife

I wanted to share this poem. It was written by my mom. – Melissa


The Midwife

by JoAnn Clark

My body told me how to move
As my heart to love
Deeps inside me and all around me
Peace that I created for us
He rubs me when I want
He is still and quiet when I want
She is whispering ever so softly
Is there anything you want?
She serves with such grace
My spirit feeds on her confidence
I borrow from her as I need
There is certainty in this place
What is happening has happened for eons
But not here
And not now
What is old is new again
And the pressure rises and
The waters flow
And the pressure shifts
And grows so large that
I can no longer contain it
Those hands respond to my need
I am not alone
She is here to hold my back
While he wipes my brow
And I feel his love
Hear his voice through
The crowning of new life
Our daughter flows from my body
And our love
The midwife the sweet honeybee
Has been present in this because
I wanted her presence
Her calm support
Her quiet respect
Her innate knowing
She watches me tie off the cord
And lift the baby to my breast
She sees all is well and she cleans
As we explore the first minutes
As a newborn family
As I explore the honor
Of motherhood
She continues to move quietly
In the background
Busy leaving me and my family of three
In clean, sweet joy
Thank you from the depths of my soul