Birth Story: Unmediacted Birth of John Kai

Unmedicated Birth of John Kai

On Tuesday the 11th, our estimated due date, we checked in the with our midwife who said she would set up n induction meeting if we wanted for next week. We thought this was probably code for “you’re not going anywhere soon”. We went to dinner with my parents, that night. They had arrived that afternoon in hopes of catching the birth of their grandson in the next ten days or at the least, help their daughter distract herself from being past her due date.

From my appointment on, I had been having mild cramping and back to back contractions which were just there but didn’t hurt at all. I still didn’t think much of it, though. We parted ways with my parents and went home. I fell asleep on the couch and at about 12:30, I woke up and stood up to go to bed when…my water broke! Everyone says that the massive gush of water only happens in the movies but oh dear, there it was!!! SO after about an hour of bouncing around excitedly, we decided that it wasn’t actually going to stop. We called my doc and midwife who said if I wanted I could continue laboring but they wanted to see me by 18 hours if I hadn’t progressed. We packed, ate and went to sleep as best we could.

At noon, our mothers convinced us to go in. they met us there and we were all set up in our room. The staff wanted me on antibiotics since my water had been broken for “so long” but they said I could cap it and walk around and only be monitored 15 minutes for every 45. On our first walk around, my midwife came to talk to me about pitocin. We said we didn’t want to go that route but we agreed if we hit 18 hours.

Well, we did hit 18 hours and I was still having very mild contractions. Timable but nothing major. (ha! little did I know!) So at 18 hours, they started the antibiotics and then started me at a 2 with the pit. Things started off pretty well. i was having fun for a while with my family congregating in my room, until they checked me after half an hour on the pitocin and i was about a 2. I had a minor breakdown because i just didn’t think I’d progress at all even with the augmentation and after 24 hours, I’d still have to have a c-section. Our midwife, too, kept trying to tell us that there was a much higher risk of a C with pitocin and also, almost no one stays natural on pitocin. So, they kept adjusting the pit. My mom finally had them changed it from 12 to 10 because i was having back to back contractions 2 minutes long with no break.

Finally, around 9pm (2 hours after they started the pitocin), I was sitting with my family and I started getting really strong contractions and they sort of sensed something was going on so they us alone. The nurse came in at that point and said they needed to turn off the pitocin because my contractions were taking their own course ( my mom thinks that I would have reached that point by myself without help, any way…she has so much faith in my body!) After they took me off of the pitocin, my body kicked things into high gear and we were off and running! The next three hours went pretty quickly in retrospect but I swear, during the process, I thought I had been in there for 6 days! My midwife, nurse and Kellen were amazing in terms of support. They tried to get me to move into different positions which I did several times but for the most part, I labored on my side on the bed! At the very end I was actually sleeping between contractions because I was so tired at that point!

After an hour or so, I had this incredible need to push and out came…a bag of hind-water? Apparently this is fairly normal. The staff told me not to push anymore unless I was complete or I would cause my cervix to swell up and I’d have to have a c-sectoin. Needless to say I was giving my body very mixed signals! So I tried to stop pushing but it was beginning to be near impossible. It was around this time that I started bargaining with Kellen. I said I either needed SOME sort of medication or I needed to PUSH! He said he thought I was probably in transition and I was doing great and I didn’t need medication. I told him no no no I wasn’t. Just like we talked about in class, before hand I thought I cold intellectualize my way out of transition but really, I was convinced I was NOT going to be able to do it! After another hour of begging for one or the other, he called the midwife in to have her check to see if I was complete.

She managed to check me in between contractions and I was complete! I immediately started pushing. They of course told me to stop because the room was not yet set up! Of course, I couldn’t stop pushing at that point, even though I was doing my best to tell everyone I couldn’t push because I was afraid it would hurt! To ad to my dissolved resolve, Kellen said “there’s his head!” No turning back now! I pushed for 6 minutes and Little Kai came tumbling out just as they managed to set up the room. Exactly 24 hours after our water broke, they tossed our little guy up onto my tummy! I had been pretty quiet during labor (only swearing and whining when the staff left me alone with Kellen) but they said I was going to wake up the entire hospital with my SCREAMING afterward! I just continued babbling on at about a volume 10, things like “I can’t believe I did it!” “Look what I made!” “He’s soooo beautiful!”

It was fantastic even if long and slightly augmented. I didn’t tear (he was a whopping 6lbs4.4oz!) thank goodness, so my recovery is going pretty well. I swear, that natural high is stronger than anything they could have given me. Kellen was amazing and should probably go into birth coaching. :O)Everything is going well three weeks later. Breast-feeding is going well, albeit frustrating asknew it probably would be. Kai is gaining weight and looking great. He is, in our very unbiased opinion, the cutest, smartest baby ever.

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