birth classes Pregnant woman with husband in pool

Staying Comfortable in the Summer Heat

The heat of August is upon us! For pregnant women and new babies, the summer months can be daunting – sun, heat, and humidity all make mommies-to-be and babies tired, uncomfortable and hot!

It’s important to stay hydrated – drink to thirst and keep water with you at all times! Dehydration can prompt premature labor, and if you are nursing can affect your milk supply. Dress comfortably – light clothing for moms and babies is important to stay cool. Dress babies in the same type of clothing that you would wear outside, not more.

Swimming and water aerobics are great exercise, as well as a wonderful comfort tool! As your pregnant belly expands the lower back, hips and pelvis can all start to hurt. Water’s buoyancy helps you feel weightless, taking pressure off of these areas and making a pregnant mom feel amazingly light.