Baby Steps teachers are trained through a certification process involving a workshop, required reading, academic work, and hands-on experience.  It’s important to us that you receive accurate information in a non-judgmental way when you take a Baby Steps class.

Our teachers and professionals are independent, and set their own pricing, schedules and policies.  We hold them to very high standards of knowledge and professionalism.  If you take a Baby Steps class or hire a Baby Steps professional, please let us know how she did.  Your feedback, positive or negative, will help us in our training and selection process.


Atlanta, GA Area Teachers


Jennifer Rivera

Conyers, Roswell,
Private classes near
Peachtree City, Newnan

Henry County Birth Teacher Lindsey McDonald

Lindsee McDonald

Henry County

Roswell Natural Birth Teacher Jaimelynn

Jaimelynn Hitt

Roswell, Private Classes

Decatur Birth Class Becca

Becca Doane

Marietta, Decatur

 Angela Natural Birth Teacher Henry County

Angela Orenczak

McDonough/Henry CountyBreastfeeding Classes


Susie Miles

Breastfeeding Classes