Meet the Doulas

Our partners over at Atlanta Birth Doula are holding a free Meet the Doulas night on Thursday Nov 10.  Meet several Doulas and some of our Childbirth Educators, learn some birth comfort measures and have some yummy treats!  Register here so they know to expect you.

meet atlanta doulas

I want a doula…now what?

Doula. It’s a word that is getting more and more exposure as of lately. However, it’s not a new fad or trend. It’s actually ancient Greek that loosely translates into “woman servant” or “woman who serves”.  Today’s definition, however, is a bit more defined. Doulas are trained women who offer emotional, physical, and informational support […]

Get a second opinion

A recent meta-analysis of childbirth studies has suggested that the likelihood of having a cesarean can be reduced by the simple act of getting a second opinion.  There are many diagnoses made during pregnancy that may or may not be evidence-based.  Anytime you’re faced with a diagnosis that seems to complicate your pregnancy or require […]