Preparing for Your Birth – One Day Class – Henry County

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Date/Time: 06/13/2020 2:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Location: GA - McDonough

This 6-hour one day childbirth class will give you evidence-based information about giving birth. You will learn about the stages of labor, what’s happening with your body and baby during labor and birth, and you will go through a practice labor rehearsal so you are aware of different scenarios in birth. You will learn how to evaluate information about procedures/interventions you may be offered and will be shown comfort techniques as alternatives to pain medication (as well as being given information on standard pain medications offered in the hospital). Regardless of where you plan to deliver (home, hospital, or birth center) you will be prepared to make informed decisions for you and your family!

This 1 day childbirth class in Henry County, GA is taught by Angela Orenczak.  It meets on Saturday, June 13th.  Meeting location Eagles Landing Wellness & Chiropractic Center (69 Old Jackson Road, McDonough).

The cost is $175/couple.  Payment is due at the time of registration.  With questions or to register, please email Angela at

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