Intuitive Birth FAQ

How is Intuitive Birth different from other natural childbirth classes? 
Intuitive Birth isn’t a method. The founders recognize that women are individuals, who each give birth their own way, with their own instinctive knowledge of what their babies need in order to find safe passage into the world. In this class, we will teach you how to let go of your fears regarding labor, birth, and parenting.  We will guide you in finding your own best way to birth. You will be given specific techniques as well as general guidelines, and encouraged to explore things that are likely to work for you and discard those that don’t.

How will this class involve my partner? 
This class was designed to prepare both you and your partner for the birth of your baby.  Through these classes, your partner will develop an understanding of how your body works during labor and birth, and techniques that often work to comfort and support women during childbirth.  Multiple labor rehearsals, games, and exercises will provide him or her with a wide variety of comfort measures for labor, as well as a thorough understanding of labor and birth. Through explorations with you, he or she will also learn specific things that comfort you, individually, and how those can be used to make labor smooth and comfortable.  Though “partner” typically refers to a spouse or life partner of some kind, your birth partner can be anyone you feel close to and comfortable with.  You may choose to bring a friend, mother, or sister.  Anyone is welcome to attend class with you.

Is a partner or coach necessary to benefit from this class? 
Though having a partner will be helpful for some of the exercises, a partner is not necessary.

How will this class help me through labor and birth?
The goal of Intuitive Birth is to deal with your fears, provide you with many different tools and techniques for labor and birth to make your journey more comfortable, and to help you get in touch with your intuitive understanding of how to give birth to your baby.  Each week you will learn more to prepare you for your baby’s birth, and give you confidence in your ability to handle whatever events may unfold.

I’m planning a homebirth.  Will this class be helpful for me? 
This class was designed for any birth place.  You will learn ways to work through your anxieties about birth, whatever they may be, as well as detailed information on the physiology of labor and birth and ideas for staying comfortable.  This class will also prepare you to navigate the hospital system in the event of a transfer, however unlikely.

I’m not sure if I want a natural birth.  Is this a good class for me to take? 
There are definitely ways you can benefit from this class no matter what your goals are for your own birth.  Knowledge is power, and the knowledge you gain in this class will help you make informed decisions during your pregnancy and birth.  You will be given many tools in class to help make your labor & birth a safer, more positive experience for both you and your baby.

What are your natural birth & cesarean statistics? 
Of the mothers in our classes who have given birth vaginally, 70% have done so without any pain medication.  The cesarean rate among our students is 10.6%, which is 68% less than the state of Georgia’s rate (32.0% in 2007).  This is also within the World Health Organization’s recommendation of 10-15% as a maximum rate for cesarean surgeries, including high-risk populations.

How much does it cost?

Intuitive Birth: $300 – $350
Private Intuitive Birth: $375 – $425

Check the teacher’s page of the series you are interested in for exact pricing.

Preparing for Your Birth FAQ

My hospital offers a class.  Why should I take this one? 
Hospital classes may be beneficial for finding out specific hospital policies, but the teachers are restricted in what they can teach by the hospital. Baby Steps is not affiliated with any hospital. This means we can offer unbiased, evidence-based information to expectant parents.

I might want to try for a natural birth.  Can this class help? 
This class will offer a basic outline of alternatives to pain medication, as well as the risks and benefits of different types of pain medication so that you can make an informed choice.  If you are undecided about whether a natural birth is an option for you, this class is a good starting point for making your decision.   You may prefer our Intuitive Birth class if you have already decided on a birth without medication.  Please call us to discuss your options.

Can this class help me avoid a cesarean section?
The information you will receive in this class will help you understand how the decisions you make during your pregnancy can increase or decrease your risk of a c-section. You’ll also learn which procedures during pregnancy and labor increase your risk.

I plan on getting an epidural.  Why do I need this class? 
There’s a lot more to birth than pain medication. There are many choices that must be made both during your pregnancy and during the labor as well.This class will outline many of these important choices for you, giving you the information you need to make an informed decision. We’ll also discuss many pain management options, including epidurals.