Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Baby Steps CBE LLC collects some user information when you submit forms, book classes, or send messages via our website.  We do not sell this information, and do not use it in any way other than to contact you regarding your booking, inquiry, or request.  Here are some details:

We use Google services to generate maps and provide autocompletion when searching for events by location, which may collect data via your browser in accordance to Google’s privacy policy.

We collect and store information you submit to us when making a booking, for the purpose of reserving your requested spaces at our event and maintaining a record of attendance.

We collect and store information you submit to us about events (and corresponding locations) you would like to publish on our site.

We may use cookies to temporarily store information about a booking in progress as well as any error/confirmation messages whilst submitting or managing your events and locations.

If you have any questions or concerns, or would like a copy of the data we have about you, please contact us at