What that hospital bill isn’t telling you 1

You may have seen this image floating around the internet: Originally posted on reddit, it’s been shared and blogged about many times the past few days. People are outraged that someone was charged to hold her own baby after a cesarean. When my friend texted it to me the other night, my initial reaction was also […]

Get a second opinion

A recent meta-analysis of childbirth studies has suggested that the likelihood of having a cesarean can be reduced by the simple act of getting a second opinion.  There are many diagnoses made during pregnancy that may or may not be evidence-based.  Anytime you’re faced with a diagnosis that seems to complicate your pregnancy or require […]

Friday! – What were they thinking??

This week, the “Today” show showed a live cesarean birth on their program touting the benefits of the surgery and glossing over the serious risks involved in the surgery. Here is the clip: The Today show – Cesarean The International Cesarean Awareness Network (ICAN) released a statement addressing the shortcomings of the segment. ICAN response